“Evans coolant performs as advertised, in my case for 18 years without worrying about overheating, corrosion,  or replacing the coolant.” -Joe Umstead, Owner Operator

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“It’s the best thing that’s ever happened to an engine!”
-Joe Martino, Owner, Martino Motorsports.
“It’s the best thing that’s ever happened to an engine!”
-Joe Martino, Owner, Martino Motorsports.

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"I am glad I decided to convert the cooling system on my boat engines to Evans coolant. After 8 years without changing the coolant, my mechanic was amazed at how those parts of the engine in contact with coolant looked brand new!" Dr. Berckes, MD
"It's the best thing that's ever happened to an engine!" Joe Martino, Owner, Martino Motor Sports
"Since converting to Evans coolant, both my trucks have been performing much better with significant fuel economy improvement.  The coolant will pay for itself in less than 8 months!”  -Kevin Rutherford, Satellite Radio Host, Let’s Truck

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Evans waterless coolant takes you past the boiling point barrier

Increasing the Operating temperature means the fan does not have to run as much, increasing fuel economy by up to 10%

Evans Waterless Coolant reduces Pressure, Corrosion & Pitting

Water-based coolants cause cavitation and damage the engine over time. Our coolant extends your engines life by reducing pressure and prohibiting corrosion.

Evans Waterless Coolant is a Low-Toxicity Alternative

Evans’ waterless technology reduces fuel consumption, carbon emissions, hazardous waste and helps preserve natural resources

Evans Waterless Coolant Lasts a Lifetime in your Engine

Heavy Duty Coolant is a lifetime coolant if it does not become contaminated with water; future replacement and disposal costs are eliminated! Evans Heavy Duty Coolant contains additives that remain stable and in suspension during storage and use.

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