What is an Evans Waterless Coolant?
Evans Waterless Coolants are the ONLY 100% waterless automotive engine coolant available on the market. All Evans Waterless Coolants are a chemical blend that results in more efficient cooling due to a higher boiling point. The increased boiling point of the coolant eliminates the occurance of boil over, cavitation, and detonation. Not only do Evans Waterless Coolants not boil over,they do not freeze. At extreme cold temperatures the coolants contract and become extremely thick, not becoming solid and expanding like antifreeze containing water. Because Evans Waterless Coolants do not contain water electrolysis and corrosion are also eliminated. Every Evans Waterless Coolant requires the entire cooling system to be drained (radiator, engine block and heater core) and refilled 100% with one of the Evans Waterless Coolants. No need to add anything. Evans now has three different coolants to choose from depending on the application and use of your specific vehicle. Also available is a flush fluid for smaller engines without block drains.


Evans waterless Heavy Duty Coolant is formulated for heavy duty diesel engines and enables the safe use of higher coolant temperatures and reduced fan usage, resulting in substantial fuel savings. Maintenance costs are reduced by avoiding corrosion and cylinder liner cavitation. Evans Heavy Duty Coolant waterless coolant boils at 375° F and is a lifetime coolant.

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Heavy Duty Coolant $49.95

NPG+ and RACE coolants have been
NPG+c, is our combined benefits coolant.
We reformulated from the prior
NPG+and RACE coolants into
one High Performance Coolant.
This formula is compatible with all prior
Evans formulas and may be added without any concerns.
Thank you for your continuing use of the Evans Waterless Coolant

Evans High Performance Coolant combines the benefits of Evans NPG+ and NPGR. High Performance Coolant provides superior cooling protection for all gasoline and light duty diesel engines, including marine and light aircraft. In conditions ranging from -40˚ to 375˚ F; High Performance Coolant provides cooling protection through constant liquid coolant contact with engine metals. Eliminates water-causing corrosion, electrolysis and cavitation. One successful installation provides cooling protection for the life-time of the engine, reducing maintenance time and expense.

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Automotive $45.95

Evans Powersports Coolant offers improved performance and reliability. Even under extreme conditions, Evans Powersports Coolant will not overheat. Using Evans Coolant allows the engine to be safely tuned for more power. A higher compression ratio, leaner mixture, and more advanced spark are some of the options available to the engine builder. Evans Powersports Coolant provides permanent cooling protection for the life of the engine so replacement is never necessary. Its superior corrosion protection is not degraded over time and it won’t freeze or damage engine components.

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Powersports Coolant $115.80

Evans Prep Fluid is a waterless cooling system flush designed to seek out remaining water after draining the cooling system of an engine. Prep Fluid should be used when block drains are unavailable or cannot be removed. It is not a substitute for thoroughly draining the cooling system and related components.

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Prep Fluid $32.15

Evans NPG is the Original Waterless Coolant. NPG is a lifetime coolant. NPG is recommended for racing engines that run on tracks or in series where there is a "NO Ethylene Glycol" rule, and can be used in high performance street vehicles with high flow cooling systems.

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NPG $119.80