08-18-2009: Evans Cooling Systems Tests for USA Hauling Shows Fuel Savings by Reducing Fan-On Time

Use of Evans Waterless Coolant Cuts Fan-On Time By Over 50%

SUFFIELD, Conn., - August 18, 2009 - Evans Cooling Systems, Inc., developer of the only waterless engine coolant, reported that a year-long test for USA Hauling showed fuel savings of 7.2 percent after using Evans' Heavy Duty Thermal Coolant, which reduced fan-on time by more than 50 percent.

The tests covered more than 2000 operating hours on a Mack MR688S truck using Evans waterless coolant. Fan-on time totaled just over 300 hours, compared to the estimated fan-on time of more than 700 hours required without Evans coolant.

The key to Evans Heavy Duty Thermal Coolant is its warmer boiling point -- 150 degrees warmer than the operating temperature of most engines, allowing the engine to safely operate at slightly higher temperatures. The huge separation of the boiling point from the operating temperature enables raising the fan-on temperature to 230°. The higher fan-on temperature takes advantage of a greatly increased temperature difference between the radiator and the ambient air.

Raising the fan-on temperature is critical, since the fan on a heavy duty diesel engine draws a considerable amount of horsepower, using significant amounts of fuel.

"The 12-month testing Evans Cooling Systems has completed for USA Hauling provides further evidence of the fuel savings advantages the Evans Heavy Duty Thermal Coolant can deliver for trucking fleets, construction and agricultural equipment, waste management vehicles, buses, marine engines and emergency/back-up engines," said Mike Tourville of Evans. In today's economy it is essential for businesses to find ways to control costs, and as this and other tests show, Evans Cooling Systems is helping to not only improve fuel economy, but also savings in reduced maintenance costs."

Independent testing has proven that Evans' cooling technology can achieve fuel and maintenance savings, all while providing a more environmentally friendly solution. In a recently completed John Deere Cavitation test, researchers found cylinder liner cavitation was significantly reduced when Evans HDTC was used for cooling. The lower cooling system pressure maintains a virtual hermetically sealed system and reduces stress on cooling system plumbing and hoses. By preventing corrosion and pump and cylinder liner cavitation, Evans HDTC can deliver major maintenance savings.

In January 2009, Evans turned to the Program for Advanced Vehicle Evaluation (PAVE) at Auburn University after extensive field trials to verify results with the Type II Fuel Consumption Test. These PAVE tests showed that Evans HDTC achieved better than 3 percent improvement in fuel economy. This report is available on the National Center for Asphalt Technology at Auburn University website.


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