02-02-2010: Evans Cooling Announces Availability of One Gallon Containers for Heavy Duty Thermal Coolant (HDTC)

Sharon, Conn., - February 2, 2010 - Evans Cooling Systems, Inc. (www.evanscooling.com), patent holder and manufacturer of the ONLY commercial waterless engine coolants, has announced the availability of one gallon containers for Heavy Duty Thermal Coolant (HDTC).   Evans waterless HDTC is also available in 5 gallon pails and 55 gallon drums, and 275 gallon totes for larger volume orders.   This provides greater choices for economics as well as convenience.

Evans HDTC is based on the company's patented waterless coolant technology, and is designed for vehicles and equipment powered by heavy duty diesel engines.   Evans Waterless HDTC boils at 375⁰F, which means the boiling point is 150 degrees warmer than the operating temperature of the engine.   The huge separation between the boiling point of HDTC and its operating temperature permits engines to operate safely at higher than conventional temperatures and enable fuel saving strategies that include higher temperature thermostats and reduced fan-on time.  In recent tests, Evans has demonstrated fuel savings in the 3% - 8% range.  Evans HDTC offers superior corrosion protection, with an environmentally safe formula.    In addition, Evans HDTC is a lifetime coolant - never needs replacement.

About Evans Cooling Systems, Inc.

Evans Cooling Systems, Inc., with headquarters and R&D facilities in Sharon, Conn., has focused on engine cooling and related areas for over 35 years. The company has a distribution center, as well as a team of high performance engine cooling experts based in Pottstown, Penn., a heavy duty diesel sales and marketing office in Suffield, Conn., as well as facilities in China. Evans is committed to maintaining a cleaner, safer environment, and continually seeks to improve product and process choices for many heavy duty diesel, high performance and mainstream engine applications. Evans waterless engine cooling technology is used today by numerous fleets, with trials in process at major carriers worldwide. www.evanscooling.com. Product questions and orders, call 888-990-COOL (2665).