Evans High Performance Coolant 

Currently formulated for use in all gasoline internal combustion engines and light duty diesel applications; Evans High Performance Coolant provides year-around protection. 

All Evans waterless coolants are compatible therefore for applications previously installed with either NPG, NPG+ or RACE all can safely be topped off with the new High Performance Coolant.

For technical assistance for your specific aplication, you may contact Evans directly 888-990-2665 or by contacting a dealer.  

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Evans High Performance Waterless Coolant is engineered to provide superior cooling performance and engine protection.

Eliminate cooling failures caused by water.
  • Evans Waterless Coolants' high boiling point eliminates pump impeller cavitation.  It remains a liquid under conditions where water would boil.
  • The absence of water from the cooling system eliminates the cause of corrosion,  Evans Waterless Coolants are safe for use with all metals.
  • No electrolysis.  Evans Waterless Coolants are non-conductive.
Maximize boil-over protection
  • Evans Waterless Coolants boil at 375°F, Evans Coolants won't boil over in hot weather, heavy loads, high altitude, or high power output.
  • Evans Waterless Coolants instantly condense back to liquid state, providing constant liquid to metal contact, keeping metal temperatures under control.
Increase power output and fuel efficiency.
  • Evans Waterless Coolants allow most engines to safely operate at a higher temperature.  Engines can be safely tuned for more power or better fuel efficiency.
  • When trapped heat is eliminated from the cooling system non-computer regulatd engines can operate at higher temperature increasing engine efficiency.
Provide lifetime cooling performance and engine protection.
  • Evans Coolants are non-corrosive with stable additives, no need to change the coolant or replace additives.
  • Cooling effectiveness and corrosion protection continue for the life of the engine.  Traditional water-based antifreeze must be flushed and changed at regular intervals.
  • Reduced operating pressure eliminates stress and protects engine cooling components, hoses, and gaskets.  Cavitation erosion and electrolysis are also eliminated.
  • The additives in Evans Waterless Coolants are stable. No SCAs are needed for light duty or heavy duty diesel engines.
Safer for handling and the environment.
  • Evans Waterless Coolants are less toxic.
  • Evans is safer to handle during installation and engine maintenance.
  • Lifetime coolant helps reduce hazardous waste.